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We wanted to give students an opportunity to catch up, get ahead, or even just explore STEM during this pandemic. We have made the courses free and open so that anybody from any location can learn through this Summer STEM Academy!

2021 Summer STEM Academy

Course offerings have ended


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Biology Basics and AP Prep (Session 2)

grade levels: 6 - 12

Oliver Cai

Hi, my name is Oliver Cai and I am a junior at Princeton High School. Along with Matthew, I hope that we can teach you the basics and essentials of Biology for you to succeed in whatever course or passion you wish to pursue. Through my years as a biology student, I have encountered a plethora of learning styles and methods. I hope to condense my past experience and pass it on to you guys.

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Biology Basics and AP Prep (Session 2)

grade levels: 9 - 12

Matthew Livingston

Heyo! My name is Matthew Livingston and I am a junior at Princeton High School, and as an avid bio lover I'm so glad that I'm teaching this course alongside Oliver. I have a passion for insects and finding an alternative food source for the future, however overall I'm intrigued by the human body and all sorts of biological phenomenon! Whether it is your first time learning about biology, or if you're doing prep-work for the AP exam, I hope that Oliver and I can teach you anything to fulfill your biology needs :)


Mental Health: A dive into your mind and brain  (Session 2)

grade levels: 3 - 12

Jasmine Liu

Hi i'm Jasmine! I'm an incoming senior at Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. My school has a highly competitive and stressful environment so for the past two years i've dedicated my time to the social and scientific aspects of mental health. I've loved neuroscience and the brain for years and I can't wait to share my love for it with you all. In my free time I love thrifting, shooting film, and watching horror movies with my friends. I'm really looking forward to meeting you all and I hope you find the brain as fascinating as I do!

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Intro to Climate Change (Session 2)

grade levels: 6 - 8

Jenna Gallo

I am Jenna Gallo, and I am a junior at Palos Verdes High School in California. I volunteer for Heal the Bay’s MPA Watch, where I record data in Marine Protected Areas. Additionally, I am extremely passionate about the environment and consider myself an active environmentalist. I am especially interested in global warming and resulting climate change. While not talked enough about in schools, climate change is a significant topic worldwide that affects the global population. Many people know that climate change is caused by global warming, however, most people do not know how that process works. This process is necessary to understand the basics of our environment and the world we live in. Climate change has had a large negative impact on our environment, especially in poorer countries and geographically vulnerable locations, such as small island states. As global warming increases, the effects on wildlife, land, water, and people will soon become irreversible and detrimental to our planet. We need to educate future generations on this utmost important issue in order to prevent further climate change. My goal is to educate students on the basics of climate change and how it will affect biodiversity, species extinction, and disturbances in natural ecosystems.

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Fundamentals of Scientific Research (Session 2)

grade levels: 9 - 12

Lillian Zhi

Hi! My name is Lillian and I am a junior at Ward Melville High School. I am a violinist and some of the research questions I am most interested in are how music influences the brain and the effects of music therapy. Last summer, I coauthored a manuscript on the effects of yoga in relieving chemotherapy-related pain in breast cancer survivors and it is currently under review for publication. In this course, I will be introducing the basic aspects of scientific research and manuscript writing. We will first discuss the various fields and research questions we are interested in, then read and discuss published papers about them. As someone who is pursuing a biomedical research career, my goal is to help students develop their own interests and gain the basic skills needed to start conducting research. I am currently conducting research under the mentorship of an integrative oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and will also provide tips on how to reach out to faculty and obtain internships.

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Intro to Python Coding (Session 2)

grade levels: 3 - 8

Max Antonini

My name is Max Antonini, and I am a junior at Regis High School in New York City. I have been very invested in technology and the intricacies of engineering design from a young age and am an avid member of the Computer Club at my school. I am very familiar with the Python coding language and I have used it extensively for many summer STEM camps in the past. I hope to pass on as much knowledge as I can to engage your interest in Python, coding, and technology in general during a fun week of learning. I am excited to be a part of this year’s Summer STEM Academy!

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Tech Made Basic: CS for Kids

grade levels: 6 - 8

Brian Lieu

Brian Lieu is a junior at St. Pius X Catholic High School in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the second of five children to parents who immigrated from Cambodia and Vietnam. He is also a scholar with A Better Chance which is a non-profit organization with the goal of helping more talented young people of color to become well-educated by attending high-achieving boarding, day, and public schools in the United States. He is a member of the Math club, the Quiz Bowl team, swim team, and is a volunteer for HOPE Atlanta and action ministries. Passionate about STEM, Brian is especially interested in helping other marginalized students gain better access to technology. Finally, he is the founder of TechMadeBasic, a non-profit that evolved from being an organization dedicated to addressing the digital divide generally, to one addressing the loss of learning of many low income kids pre-K to 5 during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The organization creates lesson plans and shares resources with teachers that can assist the teaching of technology in fun and exciting ways. 

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Intro to CAD (Session 1)

grade levels: 6 - 12

Keiji Imai

I'm Keiji and I love to build robots. I've designed and built autonomous soccer robots for Team Orion and 150 lb FIRST Robotics Competition robots for the Ligerbots. I have a CR10 3D printer with a ton of upgrades. I'm proficient at Onshape and I've taught many students through Princeton Soccer Robotics Club and Ligerbots. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone.


PCB Design with KiCad (Session 1 and 2) 

grade levels: 9 - 12

​Sota Mark Ogata

Hello! My name is Sota Mark Ogata. I am a Junior at Princeton High School and founder of the Princeton Soccer Robots. It is all about building soccer robots and competing in the RobocupJunior Soccer tournament. I got started building soccer robots when I was young from kits and evolved from there. The Princeton Soccer Robots group has grown since then and we have the title of National Champions in the soccer lightweight category in 2019. To make high-performance and professional-level robots or products, PCB design is fundamental. What is making your computer, phone, or even your mouse work? PCBs are the thin boards you find inside electronics. If you look at digital products around you, chances are they have a PCB inside.

In 1 week I will be going over the basics of electronics as well as getting you started on designing your first PCB and how to place an order to get it manufactured.

Please have KiCad downloaded on your computer


Application Focused Math (Session 2)

grade levels: High School

Eric Wang

My name is Eric Wang, and I am a junior at North Allegheny from Pittsburgh, PA. I am an ardent math enthusiast and music lover. My interest in math, which began around 9th grade, was sparked by increasing involvement in math competitions, particularly the AMC contest series. Since then, I have participated in the AIME three times and qualified for the USAMO this year. My enthusiasm for contests was supplemented with involvement with my school's math club, at which our team holds weekly discussions on miscellaneous topics in math. There, I discovered the fun of exchanging and communicating knowledge and insight. My passion for music began much earlier, when I was about 5, when my parents bought me a small keyboard and a set of CDs. I've been playing the piano since I was 8. This year, in seeking to reconcile my two greatest interests, I founded Harmony of Mathematics, an organization devoted to teaching math through its connections to music and the arts in general. 


Intro to web development (Session 2)

grade levels: 9 - 12

Danil Korennykh

My name is Danil Korennykh, I am an 11th grader at Princeton High School and I specialize in software development in Javascript, C++, Go, Rust, Python, C#, and Java. I have won hackathons with projects such as SignSeer and Pronto, and also work on large scale projects such as Harmony which aims to bring open and transparent communication to the masses. I am also a member of Team Orion, a competing team of Robocup's Junior Soccer tournament.


The Science of Body Image (Session 1)

grade levels: 6 - 12

Arya Doshi

My name is Arya Doshi, and I am currently a freshman at Pine View School, found in Sarasota, Florida. I discovered my passion for the medical field when I started volunteering at a nearby hospital in eighth grade. Along with that, I’ve fostered my interests through programs such as the Duke TIP Program, where I studied areas concerning biology and chemistry. My goal is to work toward the affirmation health and education about teen body image. Everyone, to a certain extent, is aware of their body. However, many people view themselves negatively due to societal and other external influences. As a teen, I aim to dive deeper into the subject by exploring anatomy, genetics, statistics, and several other topics connected to body image.