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Sota Mark Ogata


I am a senior at Princeton High School, Princeton, NJ.
Technology has changed the world and is changing the world as you are reading this. This innovation is making the world a better place. However, many people do not have access to basic technological education. I am working to bridge the digital divide that divides humanity and prevent it from escalating even more.

It all started in 1st grade. I was in Osaka, Japan going to a public school. Due to my father's job I have moved as many times as the grade level that I am in. I was the new foreign-looking kid in the school so I got bullied. As a plan of making new friends while doing something I like, I decided to start a weekly Scratch programming workshop at my house. Scratch is a block-based programming language and is an ideal place for kids to start programming. I made a flyer and taped them up in the hallway all over my school. Looking back it was probably against the rules to put up flyers without consulting the principal, but I just came back from America so I did not know. At first, only two people came but I was thrilled because I had made some friends. But the following weeks saw exponential growth. 3 more people, then 4 more, then 5 more, then 6 more... I soon had 20 people coming to the workshop. Since 20 kids (Not including parents) would not fit into my house, I decided to rent a big community room called "The Sun House". Many of my new friends said they look forward to the workshop every week. Although I had to move soon thereafter, this experience taught me that giving value to a community is always the first step to achieving many goals. 

Fun facts about me:

- Learned in schools in America, Japan, and Germany.

- Competed in RobocupJunior at the regional, state, national, and international levels. 

- Made many projects including a homemade flame-throwing glove, created a wearable arc reactor from iron man (consumes energy)

- Created a club and team to compete in RobocupJunior, founded a mini RoboCupJunior tournament in New Jersey

- Designed an improved robot kit for Robomov LLC.

- I have received the Best Video Award at the virtual international RoboCup 2021 and 1st place for the US national RobocupJunior Soccer Lightweight league 2019 - 2021.