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 Soccer Robotics  Online Course

Welcome to Soccer Robotics!

If you have not joined our community on discord, please do so!

It is made up of students just like you who are taking the course and also of people such as myself who will be posting links, updates, and will be helping everyone as much as possible.

Introduction video


- A windows computer

- A TJ3B robot kit

- Joining the discord server

If you have financial difficulties with any of them, please message me on discord!


My username and tag


How to build the TJ3B

This will be our first lesson in the course, but if you want to get a head start, watch the video!

You can learn through this course even if you do not get the TJ3B kit, but I strongly recommend it because having the kit will make you more committed, allow you to learn in a hands on way, and allow you to participate in the real RobocupJunior tournament when you are done!

Live Lessons!

I am planning on doing my live lessons from 7 to 8PM EST from August 24 to 29.

The Zoom links will be posted in the discord server!

I will be posting all of the information on the discord server so join the discord server to have access to the live stream!

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