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The RoboMovement is an innovative group that works to innovate and expand the boundaries of learning for students regardless of their background. Due to the lightning quick advancements of technology, the digital divide between the fortunate and unfortunate is ever-growing. To avoid a divide in humanities future and accelerate innovation, the digital divide needs to be overcome. The Robo Movement aims to empower students regardless of their background to overcome the digital divide and accelerate the forward innovation of technology.



Founder - New Jersey

Sota Mark Ogata

Hello! My name is Sota Mark Ogata. I am a Junior at Princeton High School and the founder of the RoboMovement. I have also founded many projects within the RoboMovement.  One of the projects was the Princeton Soccer Robots.  I founded the club to make a community of students regardless of technical background that is passionate about building robots and competing in the RoboCup Junior tournament. I started building robots when I was young and only recently started the club in my freshman year. The group has grown since then and we have the title of  National Champions in the soccer lightweight category. I have experience in teaching other students about robotics and plan to use that strength in sharing my skills with other students in other areas. 

Our Team


Pittsburgh, PA

Eric Wang

Summer STEM Academy Coordinator

I am Eric Wang, and I am a junior at North Allegheny in Pittsburgh, PA. I am a math enthusiast and an ardent teacher. The most valuable aspect of teaching for me is communicating the intuition and the method of thinking behind the topic in such a way that inspires students to continue thinking about the discussion after the lecture. There is much validity to the assertion that learning takes place just as much outside the classroom as inside. The development of a strong intuition is indispensable to learning. Intuition is almost solely formed in those magical moments while showering or lying in bed amidst the churning of new material in the mind when something clicks, and the amorphous cloud of newly acquired knowledge from class becomes more clearly defined, gradually moving to its position in the mental map of subjects, topics, and subtopics. Students acquainted with methods of developing intuition will be better suited to generalize such ways of thinking in order to more effectively teach themselves in the future. Of course, I strive to give students a solid understanding of the topics we will discuss, but I never lose sight of the more important goal of inspiring students to develop the skills to think and to learn that will remain with them long after the temporary details of the subject itself have gone. 


Charlotte, NC

Nalini Dutt

Social Media Manager

Hey! My name is Nalini and I am currently a sophomore at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. I enjoy playing tennis and table tennis (although it is more of a hobby). On the side, I enjoy reading comics, thriller books, and of course binge watching the latest show on Netflix. As much as I enjoy my hobbies, I have also enjoyed the field of technology and STEM from a young age and it continues to grow through the years. From the word 'STEM' one may think of a bunch of computers, math, and bubbling experiments. For some, this may seem a bit of a scary venture. What I love to show is all the interesting aspects within the field of STEM. Even from a simple idea you may enjoy, so much can be created with a single spark of imagination. Learning, making mistakes, developing solutions never seen before, collaboration- these are all exciting processes everyone goes through in any activity. I strive to foster an environment where anyone with any background can collaborate with others and learn from each other as well. Diving deep into a topic helps create lasting skills that will forever be applicable in any type of situation you face.


Los Altos, CA

Sean Lee

Founder of Solve with CS

My name is Sean Lee, and I am a rising senior at a boarding school called the Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut. From an early age, I have always loved problem solving. From Rubik’s cubes to Sudoku, from math to physics, logic puzzles and subjects of rational nature have always intrigued me. During my sophomore year of high school, I developed a strong passion for computer science. I believe that computer science, specifically app development and artificial intelligence, is a powerful tool through which I can not only continue to solve the logic problems that I have always loved, but also design innovative and creative solutions to vital and tangible problems in the real world.